Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

When I started this blog, I thought I thought I would create a wonderful catalogue of wine reviews. Tasting notes, thoughts, background information – I was going to write about and document my growing obsession with wine. And let’s get this straight – I am obsessed with wine. The problem is, the more I drink and the more tastings I do, the more I realize how much noise there is in the wine blogging world. Seriously, how many times can you read black currant as a tasting note for Cabernet Sauvignon before it becomes meaningless?

On one end of the spectrum, you have Industry blogs, people selling you wine, and therefore skewing everything positive, finding the correct terminology to, at best, highlight each wine’s strength or, at worst, hide the flaws. On the other end of the spectrum you’ve got brag blogs, writers who are focused on showing off the wine they are consuming, whether it is First Growth Bordeaux, DRC, or Screaming Eagle. They are blogging about wines for their own personal prestige. I am not going to claim that I don’t get giddy with excitement when I get to try a rare bottle, or that I am somehow above the wine marketing game, it simply leaves me wondering now, a few years into this blog, what my reviews have to offer besides more noise?

Like everything, wine is a journey. I will continue to write about wine, but as I progress in my personal wine obsession, I see these posts less as reviews, and more as a means of documenting where I am in that journey. Some nights I’m drinking a $10 bottle I picked up at Publix or Trader Joe’s, other nights I am out with my wine friends and tasting through a region and giddy about trying an iconic bottle or two. A year from now, I might not agree with what I thought of a wine today. I certainly now look back on posts I wrote 2 years ago and wonder if I would still feel the same about that particular wine.

So check out my tasting notes, and tell me what you think. Did you have a similar experience with the same bottle? Do you have a recommendation for me based on what I wrote? You can check out what I’ve been drinking now by clicking recent notes, or you can browse by country. Heck, if you are looking for a specific grape or region, just check out my categories and you’ll fin what you are looking for.

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