I’m Thirsty

I’m Thirsty

Cooking may be my first love, but I’ve got lots of love in my heart. There’s room for wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, espresso. I love it all and the more I learn and the more I taste, the more I want to learn and the more I want to taste. It’s a vicious cycle. So follow my journey through the world of beverages.


From descriptions of the major white or major red grapes to the basics of wine tasting, I want to help you find the perfect bottle of wine


Honestly, I’m a beer newbie, but taste along with me and watch me learn!


Wine and spirits are about appreciating someone else’s sippable artistry. Cocktails are about taking those ingredients, and finding out what you can create. I think of cocktails as a version of “cooking” with alcohol. These are my favorite recipes.


For years, I thought very little about coffee. Now, it’s my caffeine obsession.