About Me

About Me

I’m supposed to be the Boozy Epicure so I feel the need to explain why. While this title may be overly dramatic (I am, in fact, not a drunk) I must admit that for me, when it comes to food, alcohol always goes hand in hand.

Growing up, my family didn’t really drink much. A beer here or there was common enough,  but unless it was a holiday, we never drank wine or liquor. Fast forward to college – cheap boxed wine and wine coolers, and it’s no surprise that wine didn’t really hit my radar until later in life. When I graduated from college, I realized that I couldn’t actually cook.  Cooking at home meant reheating something, or opening a box and following instructions. At that point in my like, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was cooking to me. I had boxes of Stovetop stuffing and the ubiquitous packages of Ramen noodles in my pantry. Wine was foreign, fancy and just out of my league.

I was working my first job, watching food network, and intrigued by all the dishes out in the world I had never made, eaten, or heard of. That’s when I became obsessed. I wanted to really cook, learn professional techniques, try new flavors and ingredients, and be able to create meals for myself without relying on instructions.

The aforementioned first job was doing PR for a museum in Rochester, NY. As a part of the job, I was sent on series of a familiarity tours to see the other tourist/entertainment sites in the Rochester area. One event was a series of winery tours in the Finger Lakes. I remember being excited to learn a bit more about wine, and my surprise that I actually like wine, and in particular, dry red wine. But at this point, I was just learning what a braise was, or what ingredients make chili taste like chili. Wine was officially on the backburner.

Fast forward almost a decade. I had come so far in my food knowledge and was very excited because my hubby and I had a reservation at Eleven Madison Park in New York City. It was enjoying excellent new reviews from the New York Times, Michelin Awarded it three stars, Daniel Humm had won a James Beard Award and I was eagerly anticipating the much praised new tasting menu. I was beyond excited. For fun, I bought an e-book, The New Short Course in Wine by Lynn Hoffman, to read on the plane since I was planning on adding the wine tasting to my meal and I wanted some background information.

That little bit of knowledge re-sparked an interest in wine that I had long forgotten. I was now looking forward to the wine pairings almost as much as the food. I bought another book, Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the World Complete Wine Course, and just devoured the information.

From that day forward, I have been an oenophile. I’ve read dozens of books, taken wine classes, hosted parties and tastings in my home, and travelled to Napa and Sonoma to cement my understanding and educate my palate. My interest in spirits and cocktails followed right along and I have taken my wine obsession further by completing and passing Level 2 with the Court of Master Sommeliers. As a Certified Sommelier I began working in the industry, consulting food and wine businesses, selling wine with a distributor, working as Sommelier for private, corporate and charity events, and hosting wine tastings and classes. It’s a wild ride and I’m enjoying it every step of the way.

Work With Me

I am available for brand partnerships, content marketing, and freelance opportunities including:

Recipe testing and development
Writing and editing
Cookbook reviews

If you are in the Orlando, FL area, I am also available for:

Wine education
Private and Corporate tasting events/classes/dinners
Commercial wine list planning, buying, and consultation

If you are interested in working with me, please email me at boozyepicure@gmail.com. I’d love to discuss your needs and how I can help.