2015 Domaine Depeuble Pere et Fils Beaujolais


Beaujolais is good time wine. Those fruity light flavors, low tannins and high acid scream for food and to be drunk in happy chuggable gulps, not formal, focused sips. This is not fancy, nor complex wine, nor does it mean to be. If you like your wine fruity and light, this is the way to go. Kermit Lynch imports textbook Beaujolais and this bottle checked off all the boxes.  With the tell-tale sign of carbonic maceration, the nose started off bubble gum and strawberry candy with a lean tart, cranberry edge, slowly opening to some richer fruit flavor of red cherries and raspberry with a hint of herbs. Great value and a perfect picnic wine. Serve it with a little chill and alongside food and have an enjoyable time of it.